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5 Consumer Trends to Look Out for Post-COVID-19

5 Consumer Trends to Look Out for Post-COVID-19

  • The shift to more online shopping will accelerate.
The rise of online shopping is old news, but the way consumers have made use of online shopping services during the pandemic may cement into habits
As more consumers become aware of the options available to them via online shopping, the demand for the services are likely to increase.
  • The call for eco-friendly and socially conscious brands will only get louder.
In the fine jewelry world, consumers have been doing their homework on environmental and social issues, turning to conscious brands that use recycled metals and responsibly sourced gemstones, for example.
  • A brand’s ethics and aesthetics will be weighed equally.
Consumers are not simply mindful of purchasing eco-friendly and ethical products , they will soon be prioritizing these items . Described as the “rise of a post-aspirational mindset,” that shoppers will be on the lookout for “purposeful brands.”
  • Inclusion will be key as spending power is reduced.
Luxury brands tread a fine line between aspirational and exclusionary , reflecting the reduced spending power of many middle-class customers.  As unemployment numbers grow, consumer sentiment will take a dive.
  • The rebound will reach China first.
    Luxury shopping will likely see a rebound in China first, granted the virus stays controlled. In addition, travel restrictions will translate to purchases being made in China that may have otherwise been made abroad.



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